Type Pinyin with tones

Pinyinput is a keyboard extension for iOS (and Windows, and macOS) that makes it easy to type Pinyin with tone marks.

You type 'Han4yu3 Pin1yin1' and Pinyinput outputs 'Hànyǔ Pīnyīn'.

Pinyinput installs a custom keyboard extension on your device so you can use it to type pinyin in a simple and consistent manner in any application.

Pinyinput Usage

The current version is compatible with iOS 9 and later and is available on the App Store

Download from the AppStore

For the latest Windows version see here, and for the latest macOS version see here.

Want to improve your Chinese handwriting?

Hanzi Grids

With Hanzi Grids you can create customised grid paper templates and worksheets for Chinese characters that you can download and print out.

Simply enter some text, adjust a few sliders to set grid size, spacing and more, and then save as PDF. All changes are previewed instantly in the browser, for quick and easy grid creation.

Hanzi Grids is from the same creator as Pinyinput.